Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cooking Greens

By Ilona Napravnik

Recently, I hit upon a new and super convenient health food.  And as everyone on this blog is interested in all things nutritious I thought I’d let all the Hotties know.

The company make is Cooking Greens and is found in the frozen section of the grocery or health food store.  I bought it at Metro but it’s available in many stores, the website provides specific locations.

I tried the Spinach, Kale and Designer’s Mix (spinach, collard, rapini, yellow beans and onion).  The vegetables are frozen within six hours of being picked (retaining their nutritional content) and as the package states, it is 12 minutes from freezer to the table.  The Designer’s Mix is excellent in a pan with garlic, oil and lemon juice.  It is a very quick, easy side dish for those who are health conscious.

And the spinach and kale are excellent as additions to other dishes or mixed with other vegetables.  The products are frozen and not appropriate for salads but great in cooking, they add a splash of green to my rice dishes or pasta.  And this is a great addition for those who live by their mother’s words and eat their veggies.  They will keep for weeks in the freezer and alleviate the need for buying lots of vegetables and having them all perish in your fridge in a couple of days. 

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