Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kidney Cleanse Tea

by: Ilona Napravnik C.N.P 

Get good quality dried herbs of the following:

50mg Ginger Root – stimulates digestion, for nausea, diarrhea, indigestion, flatulence & dysentery
50mg Marshmallow Root – sooths irritations, inflammation of skin, throat, eyes, lungs & urinary tract
50mg Hydrangea – mild diuretic, prevents & expels kidney stones (dissolves over 6-8 week period)
50mg Gravel Root – induce sweating / breaks fever, value remedy for kidneys
25mg Uva Ursi – kidney & bladder infections, has diuretic & antiseptic properties

* Mix dry herbs together, store in tight lid glass container, keep in dry dark place

The Kidney Cleanse Tea
* 1/3 cup of mix herbs, add to large enamel stock pot, let soak 2-8 hours
* bring to boil, steep for 20 minutes
* add 1 fresh bunch of parsley (washed & chopped) (parsley is an excellent diuretic)
* cook for 10 more minutes
* turn off & let cool down
* store in containers & freeze

**Hulda Clark’s Kidney Cleanse Program**


  1. Do you know where we can get dried herbs like this?

  2. Hi Marina,

    I get my herbs at Thuna's on Danforth and if they are out of something, try right next door at Ottway. It's right in between Broadview and Chester. And as an aside on Thuna's, I only go when Roger is there, the lady is not nearly as helpful or pleasant.